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Fully welded ball valve prior to use to conduct safety tests
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 Is the first test before fully welded ball valve produced after use because it is installed on a variety of projects in the pipeline, if there is a problem in terms of performance, it will affect the entire pipeline work.

Fully welded ball valve seal performance test: This test is based on nitrogen as a medium to be sealed test procedure is as follows, first of all to close the ball valve on the sleeves nitrogen from the media after the test pressure valves implanted into the fully welded ball valve, the pressure to rise to the provisions of the nominal pressure of 1.1 times, then access to the detector inside the container filled with water through the hose, the depth of about 1cm, about 5min.
Fully welded ball valve strength test is based on water as a medium strength test, you need to solder ball interfaces at both ends of the high pressure duh cap, making ball valve is in the open position of 45 degrees, the use of the test pressure valves on both sides of the sleeves in the ball to the welding injected water, the pressure increased to 1.5 times to the provisions of welded ball valve nominal pressure, pressure 15min, if the media leak did not happen then the leak is normal.
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