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Trunnion type ball Valve brief characteristics and advantages
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Trunnion type Ball Valve features:

1, double block and bleed features: fixed ball floating seat with spring preload, regardless of when the valve is fully open or fully closed state, on the downstream side of the valve seat to block the fluid, the valve body cavity left by the discharge valve excretion .
2, automatic pressure relief function: the valve body cavity remain medium temperature caused when abnormal pressure, without going through the safety valve, and can function alone automatic pressure relief valve, which valve to ensure safety in the transportation of liquid medium is very important.
3, fire safety structure: Valves are equipped with fire safety features, the design, manufacture and API6FA follow a API607 specifications.
Trunnion type Ball Valve advantages:
A sealed grease emergency ambulance: As media objects or accidental fire caused seat seal failure, grease valve provides a fast connection to the grease gun, quickly and easily sealant injected into the seating area, ease leak .
2, reliable stem sealing and low operating torque: In addition to setting the standard seal rings outside the gland also set up the "O" ring, double sealed to ensure the reliability of the valve stem seals; additional graphite packing and sealant injection to stem the leak after the fire to a minimum. Stem sliding bearings and thrust bearings so that the valve is easy to operate.
3, full bore or reduced bore: may need to use full bore or reduced bore structure. Full bore valve flow aperture consistent with the internal diameter of the pipeline, the pipeline to facilitate cleaning.
4, the stem can be extended: according to need installation or operation of the valve stem can be lengthened. Plus pole ball, especially for city gas pipelines and other needs of the occasion lay buried. Extended stem size according to customer needs OK.
5, flexible operation: using a small coefficient of friction and good self-lubricating properties of the bearing seat and the valve stem, greatly reducing the valve operating torque. Therefore, even in the case of not providing a seal grease, can be long-term flexible and comfortable to operate the valve.
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