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Metal Hard Seal Ball Valve
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Metal Hard Seal Ball Valve


The metal hard seal ball valve series has been updated continually in its hard surface improvement and structure optimal design in accordance with different working conditions of users since it was developed and put into production. At present the available seal hard surface types include: nickel-based, cobalt-based, metal ceramic coating (WC, Cr3C2, etc.) and the modification treatment of sealing surfaces. With a patent structural design developed independently, it’s especially applicable for harsh working conditions in such industries as power, coal chemical industry and poly-silicon. 

Main performance: 

Resistance to abrasion and erosion --- hardness; 

Hardened layer, avoiding shedding and cracking --- bonding strength and stress control; 

Low sealing rate and leak rate --- machining precision; 

Reliable use ---reasonable design of process and structure. 


°ŮMultiple options for hard surface treatment
°ŮTargeted structural design
°ŮProtection function of elastic valve seat
°ŮDesign of special medium scraping and sweeping
°ŮDesign of dynamic load packing set
°ŮDesign of reinforced packing ring assembly
°ŮSplit seat design with patented technology, easy for maintenance and replacing
°ŮUltra-precision machining of closing member
°ŮHole sealing technology of coating
°ŮStress treatment technology of hard surface coating
°ŮOne-to-one valve design with simulated working conditions

Advanced coating treatment technology
°°°°°°°°°°°°-High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF)  

The hard surface treatment adopts the spray coating system of the world-famous SUCZER METCO, namely the high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) in aerospace technology with the world patent: the spraying gun, designed with patented technologies, sprays the metal powder onto the metal surface with high-velocity air at 3 machs to form a high-strength coating. The hardness of the surface’s hardened layer is different subject to the sprayed material and the Rockwell hardness can exceed HRC70, thus playing a big role in preventing the granular medium from washing the sealing surface.   


Leakage class  

Zero leakage when less than or equal to DN100; conforming to API598 or ASME b16.104 when more than DN100 

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