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W10P50 Series bellows seal single-seat control valve
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W10P50 Series bellows seal single-seat control valve adopts the top guided unbalanced structure, featured by high strength, heavy load, S type flow channel, low pressure drop loss, high flow coefficient, wide adjustable range, high flow characteristic precision, etc. The double sealing structure of the bellows and packing is adopted at the bonnet to thoroughly eliminate the possibility of media leaking to the outside. This kind of control valve is suitable for flow and pressure control of poisonous or precious media. 

The cage adopts the press-in type seat design, which solves the problems of difficult disassembly and high leakage of the traditional thread screw-in type seat and prolongs the service life. The flow to open design is adopted, and the medium flow direction tends to the opening direction of the valve with good controllability of small opening and low flow characteristic distortion. Special cages with noise reduction and anti-cavitation functions can be offered according to the requirements in different service conditions. 

Parameters of control valves£º

Trim features£º top guided 
unbalanced trim structure
quick disassembly type structure
Body type£º straight-through type 
angle type
Bonnet type£º bellows type
Flow characteristic£º equal percentage 
quick open
Size£º DN15-300(1/2”-8”)
Pressure class£º PN1.6¡¢4.0¡¢6.3Mpa£¨ANSI 150¡¢300¡¢600LB£©
Leakage class£º ASME B16.104 ¢õ£¨standard type metal seat£©
ASME B16.104 ¢ö£¨shut-off soft seat£©
Pipe connection type£º flange type 
butt welding type
Applicable temperature range£º -196C°¡« 550C°
Actuator type£º pneumatic diaphragm actuator
pneumatic piston actuator
electric actuator
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