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Product Name£º   Monel Plug Valve M35-1
Product Category£º   Plug Valve
Product Range£º   2" ~ 14"
Product Content£º   Applicable Standard Design Standard:     API 6D, API599 Face to Face:          ASME B16.10 End Connection:      ASME B16.5 Inspection and Test: API 598 Pro...
Product Name£º   C5 Swing Check Valve
Product Category£º   Swing Check Valve
Product Range£º   2" ~ 24"
Product Content£º    Applicable Standard Design Standard:      BS 1868, ASME B16.34, API 6D Face to Face:          ASME B16.10, API 6D, EN 558, DIN3202 End Flange:       &n...
Product Name£º   Bellow Seal Gate /Globe Valve
Product Category£º  
Product Range£º  
Product Content£º    Bellow seal gate/globe valves have logical structures, reliable seal, excellent performance and nice design. Those valves are  applicable to the cutting and connection of pipeline mediums that are used in various industries such as petroleum, ...
Product Name£º   Safety Valve/Pressure Relief vale
Product Category£º  
Product Range£º  
Product Content£º    Safety Valve opening and closing parts by the external force is normally closed state, when the media pressure equipment or pipeline to the rising, will pass to the outside of the system to prevent the emission medium or device medium pressure pipeline e...
Product Name£º   Knife Gate Valve
Product Category£º  
Product Range£º  
Product Content£º   Its changeable rubber ring knife gate valves. Seal principle mainly through the gate and rubber seals close to achieve the sealing effect .The main features of this structure is that the rubber ring is in the seat on the envelope ladder groove, the seal is loc...
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